Get your Twitter business strategy right: Part 5 of 7

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For part 5 of this tutorial we are going to see how to rapidly increase your follower numbers, specifically with the types of people you want following you.

Quick Disclaimer: I don’t class myself as a social media expert, I’m simply sharing with you the techniques that work for me. Use at your own discretion.

This is a seven part tutorial and it’s important you follow them in the correct order. If you haven’t read parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 then do it now.

  1. Why Use Twitter?
  2. Tweet Your own content several times a day
  3. What is the purpose of Direct Messages?
  4. Auto-tweeting others’ content
  5. Maximise your followers
  6. Avoid the ‘twitter ratio’
  7. Summary

This is an exercise to carry out every day, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes or so. The first thing to do is look at your current list of followers in Twitter, the most recent will be at the top. This next step is important:

Ensure you follow everyone in this list that you would like to retain as a follower.

Since the most recent followers are at the top, you will only need to check back to the point you were at the same time yesterday. The reason to do this is that typically, when you follow a follower they are likely to remain a follower, but conversely, if you don’t follow them there is a reasonable chance they will cease following you at some point.

Next, locate one or more Twitter accounts that has the sort of followers you would like to have yourself. This might be a selection of your competitors, or a more general ‘business follower’ account of which there are many. One of the more popular ones is Bizitalk. These types of accounts are nice because they receive many new followers everyday. Have a look at their followers, and follow the ones you would also like as followers (which could be all of them). Again, do this daily, meaning that each time you only need to do this for the most recent accounts listed at the top.

Why do this? Well you will find that about 30% of the people you follow will follow you back. Simple! By using this method you can rapidly start to grow your follow numbers up until you hit the follower limit which I call the ‘twitter ratio’. You’ll be surprised how quickly this happens and all of a sudden this fool-proof plan doesn’t seem so fool proof!

In the next instalment I’ll show you how this twitter ratio needn’t be a problem. Leave a comment below on how this is working for you.

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