Get your Twitter business strategy right: Part 6 of 7

Twitter Ratio
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For part 6 of this tutorial I am going to introduce you to the ‘Twitter Ratio’, why it is important, and how to avoid it causing you problems. If you’ve reached a point where Twitter won’t let you follow anymore people, this article is for you.

Quick Disclaimer: I’m not a social media expert. These techniques work for me, but don’t come complaining if they don’t work for you!

This is a seven part tutorial and although this part can stand alone, you may want to go back to the start to ensure you don’t miss out.

  1. Why Use Twitter?
  2. Tweet Your own content several times a day
  3. What is the purpose of Direct Messages?
  4. Auto-tweeting others’ content
  5. Maximise your followers
  6. Avoid the ‘twitter ratio’
  7. Summary

If you been following the instructions in my previous tutorials, you may already be suffering from the ‘Twitter Ratio’, with Twitter preventing you from following more people. Let’s check the rules:

  • Twitter will let you follow 1,000 people a day. There’s no getting around this, and it’s a sensible limit.
  • Regardless of how many followers you have, Twitter will allow you to follow 2,000 people. You should treat this figure as a target and be following 2,000 people as soon as possible.
  • Beyond 2,000 Twitter will only let you follow 10% more people than are following you. So for example, if you have 1,900 followers, you’ll be able to follow up to 2,090 people.

The Twitter Ratio appears to offer a stiff restriction on just how quickly you’ll be able to grow your follower numbers, but never fear – there is a solution. To fix this problem we want to start un-following people who haven’t followed you back, specifically the ones you followed longest ago who still haven’t followed back yet.

I make use of an excellent piece of software to do this called Tweepi. Register with Tweepi and it’ll read all the necessary details from your Twitter account. It will show you how many people you are following who are not following back, click ‘Flush’ to see the details. You’ll be presented with a paginated list of all those people who aren’t following you back. This list is in reverse chronological order, meaning you’ll see people at the top who you have most recently followed. We want to start removing people from the other end of the list. Scroll to the bottom and you will be able to navigate to the last page, from here you should start un-following people.

Work backwards through the list and remove as many as you need. Tweepi has a number of useful tools such as safe lists to avoid you un-following certain people by accident.

By working through this process, you’ll reduce the number of people you are following, permitting you to follow a whole new bunch of people, that Twitter Ratio no longer ever be a problem.

This method does come with a warning! There are many articles which state that aggressive use of following and un-following will get your Twitter account suspended. I have no reason to doubt this so use with care. Personally I don’t do this every day, and when I do, I try not to un-follow more than a few hundred people at any one time – even this might be too many!

If this is working for you, leave a comment below. Have you had your Twitter account suspended before now, I’d love to hear about your experiences.




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