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Chocolate or vanilla? An apple or an orange? If you’ve ever found yourself stuck deciding between two seemingly easy options, imagine trying to choose the best smartphone in today’s mobile market. The two main contenders in the smartphone industry are currently Samsung and Apple, each attempting to one-up the competitor by releasing more advanced smartphones on nearly every mobile network around the world. In September 2012, Apple launched the iPhone 5 on a global spectrum. Samsung is scheduled to release their headlining Galaxy S4 this April 2013. Let’s see how the two compare.

It is easy to look at the specifications sheet of each phone and compare one against the other. However, specifications sheets are not typically what propel a smart phone in the vast mobile market. For most smart phone users, there are more important factors than CPU speeds and how many pixels will appear on a picture. The user experience of the smart phone is the major selling point. What exclusive features does each phone have? How user friendly is the interface? What sorts of applications and programs can I get? How will my favourite video games perform?

If you are looking for the best phone to fit in your hand the iPhone 5 is better suited than the Galaxy S4. It’s lighter, thinner, and the display just over an inch smaller overall on the diagonal. The iPhone 5 was the first 4-inch phone Apple released. Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s 5-inch screen makes the phone noticeably larger and thicker than the iPhone 5.

In terms of sheer power, the Galaxy S4 outperforms the iPhone 5 on almost all counts. With its higher memory, larger screen, and faster processor, the Galaxy S4 makes for an ideal handheld gaming device. The Galaxy S4 comes with Group Play technology, which allows users to transfer and view or play documents, music, pictures, Android games and other content to other Galaxy S4s. It also opens up support for multiplayer gaming.

Both Apple and Google app stores have reached a point where both are able to offer virtually the same app experience and availability due to most companies releasing apps for both platforms simultaneously. Additionally, both of their stores are growing at exponential rates. There are a few exceptions of Apple-exclusive and Android-exclusive applications and features, and depending on what you desire, that can make all the difference in the decision. Apple’s exclusives include iTunes, iCloud, and Siri, and have the benefit of being connected digitally to other Apple devices you may own. Samsung’s exclusives include the Dual Camera mode, which offers the possibility to use both the front and the rear camera simultaneously. Multiple people using a Galaxy S4 can link them all together and play the same song simultaneously and even play multiplayer games.

Both of these smartphones stand out against all others in today’s market. Both are extremely powerful and easy to use. Overall performance power goes to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, however many Apple users feel comfortable with the iPhone’s familiar interface. One thing is for certain; both Samsung and Apple will continue to improve upon the other. A healthy competition benefits consumers and leads to lower, standardized prices and a higher quality of product.

This guest post has been kindly written by John Coyle

John Coyle is an avid freelance writer focusing on topics of technology, innovation, and digital media. His hobbies and interests include photography, cinema, ipad/iphone games, and travelling. 


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