Guest Post: Startup Solutions – 4 Tools to Help you Put Your Best Foot Forward

Image supplied by BlueFirePR
Image supplied by BlueFirePR

If you can’t find the job you want, make one. That could be the battle cry of today’s entrepreneurs who continue to find their way through the ups and downs of a global economy. According to Forbes, startups are responsible for almost two-thirds of new jobs in the U.S. and their new models of socially conscious success bring innovation and prosperity to communities around the world. To ensure success, every business owner needs a few tools to get their startup off on the right foot.

Google Analytics

Understanding where your website traffic is coming from is key to the success of a startup, but tracking that information is a complicated process. Google Analytics not only allows users to see which countries hits are coming from, but the numbers can be broken down by the year, month, week or even day. You don’t have to be tech savvy to understand the information Google Analytics provides; understanding more about your demographic and which day of the week you’re getting the most traffic takes the guesswork out of marketing.


Skype makes it possible for a busy entrepreneur to be in two places at the same time. With this free or nominally priced service you can run a group meeting from anywhere or chat face-to-face with overseas clients from your home. Skype combines the effectiveness of phone, online chat and video to provide you with a business tool that gives you a powerful social presence wherever you need to be.


Since their debut in 1999, cell phones by Blackberry have been a popular choice among technophiles and executives on the rise. In recent years the Blackberry gained a (somewhat) unwarranted reputation for being outdated, but with a list of new features and cutting-edge capabilities the new Blackberry 10 OS has the company poised to make a comeback. For example, a fluid new interface allows users to glide between tasks without returning home. For business men and women who prefer function over flash, Blackberry is still a useful tool that will help them stay connected and in communication.

Books that Inspire and Inform

Yes, people really do still learn from books. Whether you prefer paper or electronic you should be reading books that can help you build a successful small business. recently published a top 10 list of motivational books every entrepreneur should read; it includes, “The Peter Principle,” “Crazy Bosses” and their No. 1 pick, “The Dilbert Principle” by Scott Adams. If none of those sound interesting find out if a business person you admire has written a book and start there.

No tool is more important than a strong work ethic or a belief in yourself, but every successful company relies on technology to reach their highest goals. Finding which apps, software, smart phones or even old-fashioned inspirational books can best assist your entrepreneurial ventures is sometimes a process of trial and error. But like the overall process of building a small business you can’t let one misstep throw you off your game. Keep searching for the tools that are most helpful for your venture and don’t stop until you find them.

This article was written by Meaghan McClellan, CEO of a small PR firm on the East Coast of USA. She loves running with her dogs on the beach, sailing and reading about the tech industry. The article was provided by Nik Danielson, Senior Content Advocate at BlueFirePR.

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