Is TrueTwit losing you followers?

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I love twitter, I think micro-blogging is a fantastic invention, and it has created a whole industry of software, experts and advisers around it. Fantastic! However, of all the tools created that help you manage your twitter account(s), I just do not see the point of TrueTwit – worse, I find it annoying!

For the uninitiated, TrueTwit is a validation tool you can sign-up to use to ensure that anyone following you on twitter is a real person. This is done using a popular technique called Captcha, where you are prompted to enter some words that are displayed obscurely, rendering them virtually impossible to be interpreted by anything other than a human. Only once you have done this correctly will you be able to follow a twitter user who is subscribed to TrueTwit.

I have a real issue with this, to the point where I have now become very selective about who I choose to follow that is subscribed to TrueTwit. I use the twitter app on my mobile a lot and when I try to follow a TrueTwit subscriber I’m redirected to my mobile web browser, and it just kind of all grinds to a halt. Unless I know I really need to follow that individual, at this point I just don’t bother.

Secondly, what exactly is the point of TrueTwit? Please enlighten me! Why should I care if anyone following me is a real person or not? After all, I do not get to see the twitter stream of my followers unless I choose to follow them back, and similarly they cannot send me direct messages unless I have followed them back. A twitter follower who is not a real person does nothing other than up my follower numbers, so why should I mind?

Unless TrueTwit starts to work in reverse, in being able to stop me from following people who aren’t real, then I really cannot see a reason to start using it. So if you are a real person and would like to follow me on twitter, then you can be assured of a TrueTwit-free experience. Similarly I will likely follow you back providing you look like a real person and are also TrueTwit-free.

Please share your thoughts, especially those of you who use TrueTwit.


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