Samsung has the whole world in its hands, next stop the Galaxy!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumours

Samsung’s ascent in the mobile market has been something to behold. I don’t recall Samsung ever holding the crown of ‘Market Leader’ in the consumer industry for anything before now, so the fact that they have managed to tap the zeitgeist with their mobile offerings is somewhat of a surprise, especially given the relative strength of the competition with the likes of HTC, Apple, Sony and ‘out of favour’ Nokia.

Exact numbers have not been released by Samsung, but it is rumoured that in Q1 2012 they sold in excess of 44m smartphones, compared to Apple’s verified figure of 31.5m for its iPhone range. With profits rising, and the imminent announcement this week of the Samsung Galaxy S3, expected to be their new flagship device, and Apple’s iPhone 5 pegged for October, Samsung have a fantastic opportunity to stretch out this lead. It is hardly any wonder that the two largest players seem to spend most of their time arguing in courtĀ over patents, many of which we believe should not have been granted in the first place.

And the Internet has been flooded with rumours surrounding the S3 for many months now, including the teaser image we have included in this article – which is most likely a fake. On 3rd May Samsung will officially announce the new device at Earls Court in London, and it has to be the most anticipated and talked about mobile event outside of Apple. The only thing we know for certain is that the device will have a quad core processor (bye bye battery), anything else you may have seen or heard is nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumour.

Whatever this phone looks like, or is capable of doing, it seems likely to follow in the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which many authorities still rank as the best smartphone on the market, despite its age. Combined with Ice Cream Sandwich, only a fool would doubt that this launch stands to raise the bar for smartphone performance and may be the reason why Apple has pushed the iPhone 5 launch back to October, allowing plenty of time to react to any new developments.

Whether you prefer iPhones, Androids or Windows Mobile, this event can only be good for consumers, advancing the technology available for what is fast becoming the technological equivalent of the Swiss Army knife!

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