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Apple iPad tablet

iPad, iSight, iTunes, iBored: Why the new iPad does not inspire

Like many millions around the world, I tuned in to the Apple event last night (okay, I was watching a quickly updating twitter feed) with excitement and anticipation. I’m not a big fan of Apple, and do not own any of their devices, but I have to admit that when they call a press conference, with the exception of the iPhone 5 that never was, they normally announce something that makes people sit up and say “Wow!”


Time to uninstall the Linkedin BlackBerry app

I’ve had the Linkedin app installed on my BlackBerry for some time now, as I make extensive use of the social network for business. It has to be said though, considering that Blackberry has always been considered as ‘the phone of choice’ for business use, the Linkedin app is truly awful, and is a pale imitation of its iPhone and Android counterparts.

Anonymity Online

Anonymity: How O2 was giving out your mobile number online

Last week many people were alarmed and outraged to find out that under certain circumstances, if you browsed the web with your mobile, the website owners could discover your telephone number! This is both shocking and unexpected, we don’t believe anyone expected this to happen, least of all the mobile operator at the centre of this drama, O2.