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Twitter reminds us why we need lots of passwords

Just last week, Twitter became the latest casualty of poor Internet security when it fessed up to hackers having stolen account details for 250,000 of its users. As I’ve reported before, this type of activity seems set to rise, and you can be sure we will not be hearing of some of the more serious breaches.


Yahoo hack exposes 453,000 unencrypted passwords

We blogged last month about how Linkedin, eHarmony and all failed their customers in the space of a week. We said at the time that this won’t be the last in a sorry list of customer security fails, and we didn’t have to wait long.

Typo - San Fransisco

Be aware of typosquatting premium rate text scams

Premium rate text messages are a useful and highly convenient way of using a mobile to charge for a service or product, or to make a donation to a worthy cause. You simply send a text message with a keyword and short code and quickly receive a text response. It is the text message you receive that triggers the premium rate charge rather than the message you send.

Online Privacy Being Eroded

Will Facebook fight for your right to privacy as a job seeker?

Well, probably not, but you never know! For a number of weeks now, rumours have been floating around in the ether that certain unscrupulous employers are asking job seekers in interviews to hand over their Facebook password, presumably so that they can further screen the candidate’s suitability for the job.

Multiple Mobiles

The two mobile conundrum – Solved!

Well, maybe! We blogged a few weeks ago about the issues facing workers who are forced to use two mobiles, one for work and one personal, and the ‘bring a device to work’ trend of using your personal mobile for work related tasks and why that is a bad idea. We suggested a solution and it seems like someone, namely O2 may have been listening.

Data Theft

Have Twitter and others been stealing your private mobile data?

It seems unlikely to think that some of the more popular mobile apps would be taking personal and private data from your mobile and storing it on their own servers for whatever purpose they deem appropriate, but it appears that this is exactly what has been happening without either your permission or your knowledge.

Multiple Mobiles

Business and the two mobile conundrum

Over the years it has become increasingly more common to have two mobile phones, your own personal one, and one issued by your place of work. With the trend in increased phone sizes and some smartphones now having screens in excess of 4.5″, walking around with two ‘bricks’ can be far from desirable.

Anonymity Online

Anonymity: How O2 was giving out your mobile number online

Last week many people were alarmed and outraged to find out that under certain circumstances, if you browsed the web with your mobile, the website owners could discover your telephone number! This is both shocking and unexpected, we don’t believe anyone expected this to happen, least of all the mobile operator at the centre of this drama, O2.