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Multiple Mobiles

Business and the two mobile conundrum

Over the years it has become increasingly more common to have two mobile phones, your own personal one, and one issued by your place of work. With the trend in increased phone sizes and some smartphones now having screens in excess of 4.5″, walking around with two ‘bricks’ can be far from desirable.


Time to uninstall the Linkedin BlackBerry app

I’ve had the Linkedin app installed on my BlackBerry for some time now, as I make extensive use of the social network for business. It has to be said though, considering that Blackberry has always been considered as ‘the phone of choice’ for business use, the Linkedin app is truly awful, and is a pale imitation of its iPhone and Android counterparts.

Using Text Message Campaigns at a Busy Exhibition

Increase sales with text message advertising at exhibitions

Exhibitions are fantastic industry-oriented opportunities for businesses to raise their profile in front of interested parties, or better still, sell merchandise. Many businesses will hire a stand at an exhibition and use it to offer merchandise to a captive audience, often tempting them into a purchase by use of ‘show deals’, only available at the event.

A Jobs lot of Apples

Please do not try to emulate Steve Jobs!

I do not think that anyone can dispute that Steve Jobs was a visionary. He took an under-performing company and through his tenacity and vision created a brand and suite of products that many people would pay any price to own. What other companies would enjoy admired celebrities such as Stephen Fry, voluntarily singing, nay, worshipping the products that you produce? But please, do not try and be like Steve Jobs!