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Increase sales with text message advertising at exhibitions

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Using Text Message Campaigns at a Busy Exhibition
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Exhibitions are fantastic industry-oriented opportunities for businesses to raise their profile in front of interested parties, or better still, sell merchandise. Many businesses will hire a stand at an exhibition and use it to offer merchandise to a captive audience, often tempting them into a purchase by use of ‘show deals’, only available at the event. Many of the more popular exhibitions can be so oversubscribed with visitors being packed in, that businesses often miss the chance to engage with potential customers who either cannot get near their stand, or cannot get to speak to anybody on the stand due to the popularity of the event.

Missing out on sales in this way is frustrating, you have a motivated buyer, but you are unable to sell to them, and worse still, your competitors are just yards away. These are likely to be lost sales, lost revenue and loss of a potential customer. It’s almost criminal!

A ‘text and response’ style text message mobile solution that makes use of keywords and short codes could go someway to addressing this problem, securing those sales, winning new customers, and expanding your contact database, regardless of how busy the event is, or how shorthanded your stand may be. Here’s how it can be done…

By subscribing to such a service as the one we offer, you are supplied with your own keyword and short code combination (decided by you), which can be prominently displayed on your stand. Maybe something like:

Text INF WIDGETS + your email to 60777

to receive today’s offers after the show

Costs 1 standard rate text message

When a potential customer does this, they will receive a text message confirming receipt, and an email that can say whatever you want, even including an attached PDF with all the offers in more detail.

But this is not where the real value lies in this service. You, the business owner also receive an SMS at the same time informing you that they have used your service. In addition to this you receive their mobile number and their email address. Not only is this a contact you can add to your marketing database, but you can call them after the hustle and bustle of the show is over, find out what it was that they wanted, and offer them the deal they could have had at the show, had they been able to get to speak to you to make a purchase.

It’s a win win, your customer is not frustrated at being unable to get what they wanted due to the popularity and overcrowding of the event, you get to make an extra sale and win a new customer who may have ended up with a competitor.

It’s not an obvious use for business SMS marketing, but it can pay for itself many times over by making what you do far more accessible to potential customers in what is a very limited opportunity to try and sell to them.

Do you sell merchandise at exhibitions? If so leave a comment about your thoughts.

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